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I would prefer the local level. The state-wide requirements in MS were obviously designed by a committee. The math standards are crazy: just a hodgepodge of individual "requirements" with no solid core. Teachers spend the whole year teaching to the ridiculous test -- hopping from unrelated topic to unrelated topic. It's a joke, but it's devastating to kids' understanding.
It's bad, with fluff language that can be interpreted many ways, AND it contains racial/ethnic/income sliding scales. It has been reported that poor minority students are graded on a different level than upper-income white kids. The textbooks based upon it are a horrible mess, particularly the math books. Jettison the whole thing, and go back to local control of schools
Uh, the police officer was not on duty, not in uniform, and thus had no authority to issue orders to anyone. He was a security guard, not a police officer. Color of authority is not the same thing as actual authority.
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Way to Stick to Your Guns Starbucks

GTA Wrote: Sep 19, 2013 4:27 PM
Uh, thanks to Bill Clinton, all military bases ARE gun-free zones. It's one of the first things he did as President. Our military personnel are now unarmed targets for the deranged, as are our children, moviegoers, and anyone else who frequents a gun-free zone.
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