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What I Ask of Romney and Obama

gsw Wrote: Sep 06, 2012 1:03 AM
John Stossel knows more things that are not true than any other columnists on TH. To suggest Romney was just pandering because he did not list 17,789,345 things that government aught not be doing is absurdity at its highest. And suggesting that limitations of who you can marry, prostitution, gambling, drug usage, etc is somehow a new assault on liberty is asinine as well as historically inaccurate. Doesn’t he know that military cost will decrease when we end the wars? Like Bastiat is he contending that we should eliminate public education, Medicaid. emergency rooms, shelters, every form of public assistance, VA, FHA loans, GI bill, etc. Bastiat said God would provide but he and Stossel want to tell God how to do it Good Grief!
Keith305 Wrote: Sep 06, 2012 7:38 AM
"suggesting that limitations of who you can marry, prostitution, gambling, drug usage, etc is somehow a new assault on liberty is asinine as well as historically inaccurate."

You're right. Its a 100-year-old assault on liberty.

By the way:

Public education: Just what part of last place among industrialized countries do you not understand?
Medicaid: Just what part of bankrupt do you not understand?
Emergency rooms: What part of free enterprise do you not understand?
Shelters: Private beneficent organizations.
VA: A contract between employer and employee should be maintained.
FHA: We're back to bankrupt again. Only this time, its taking the rest of the economy with it.
GI Bill: Yeah, more college grads will save us.
gsw Wrote: Sep 06, 2012 9:59 PM
I thought the point was fairly clear even for an intellectually challenged dolt such as you.. There is a real world out there which does not comport to your mythical fantasy of oh let it be otherwise. To quote Paul Ryan, you are sailing on yesterdays wind. Stop sniveling, grow-up, face the world. If you self-deceptively believe you are going to eliminate those items I mentioned you are not only a fool but a delusional one to boot.
Keith305 Wrote: Sep 06, 2012 11:56 PM
I'm sure the British were saying the same things in 1776. How's your reality working out for you? The current system is going down the drain. If you can explain how we can afford to continue something that cannot continue, well . . . I might just look again at the Big Foot evidence.

This is reality. You're living in denial and self-righteously claiming I am.

And I must say you take the prize for the rudest, most obnoxious person anyone could encounter on the internet (and that's saying a lot).

The Republican Convention ended on the theme "Believe in America." That sounded nice, but it was just another platitude. Mitt Romney's speech was filled with platitudes: "We will honor America's democratic ideals. ... We're united to preserve liberty."


Liberals and conservatives have real differences. We should state them.

America is going broke, and tough decisions must be made. To save our future, we must slow the growth of entitlements and military spending. Mitt Romney was silent about that.

Sure, "Believing in America" means individuals get to decide how to run the businesses we create. But it...