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Progs – "Mitt Romney Is the Worst Human Ever, Ever, Ever"

gsw Wrote: Aug 13, 2012 3:14 AM
Point of fact I think you are correct. But it may just be a Biblical thing tyou know - "By their acts you shall know them". But let's barter. Obama is a marxist that cannot be denied but the sheep part - ok maybe not. So I won't call Obamaites sheep if you can tell me 1) what about Obama sends a chill up Chris Matthew's leg? Is it sex? 2) what has Obama actually done that is "brilliant"? (Einstein had Relativity, Newton had Newton, etc) 3) How does Obama's college grades stackup against GWBush who had higher SATs and grades than Kerry and Algore? or 4) how did he get a Connecticut SSN? Answer the four and I promise never to call sheep Obama supporters..

Wow, I thought George W. Bush was the worst man ever to walk the earth. Now, according to the Leftists, it’s Mitt Romney? Geez, what are all the mannish looking lesbians going to do with all that anti-Bush schwag? Maybe they can recycle it into a tricycle and ride that three-wheeler down to Uglytown and offset the mega carbon footprint their BS on Mitt has transmitted to mother earth. Make sure your Dockers don’t get caught in the spokes, ladies!

This week, in a further attempt to hide Obama’s disastrous presidency and thereby afford BHO four more years to entrench...