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Hollywood's Hysterical "Cancer Screening" Lie for Obama

gsw Wrote: Oct 17, 2012 10:08 PM
K’ssander assures that without Planned Parenthood cancer screening she would be dead. Since PP does not do such screening it must be assumed K;ssa has passed from this world. While its passing evokes ambivalence, its continued posting evokes horror! It seems TH is now plagued with the walking dead – as K’ssa returns a real unlife zombie – all beware!!
The Hollywood Women for Obama Club wants you to vote with your "lady parts." I want the women of America to vote with their lady smarts. The latest ad from a trio of Tinsel Town actresses spreads one of the stupidest lies about Mitt Romney this election cycle. Fantasyland needs a fact check.

According to starlets Scarlett Johansson, Eva Longoria and Kerry Washington, the GOP presidential ticket wants to "end" funding for "cancer screenings." If you and your reproductive organs don't vote for Obama, the doe-eyed celebrities ominously imply, people will DIE, DIE, DIE!

This scare-mongering falsehood has been repeated endlessly by Planned...