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Fraudulent Feminism vs. High School Football

gsw Wrote: Sep 05, 2012 5:16 PM
In the PC world girls contend there is nothing a man can do that they can’t do. and of course change the environment to lower the demands to ensure they can. The military academies are not the same nor is the military. Sometimes the results are tragic. Lt Kara Hultgreen died because she and the US Navy wanted to show women could fly F-14s just as well as men. She was a good pilot but her instructors said she wasn’t ready to make carrier landings – the instructors were replaced and she was rated as qualified. She made an error landing and was killed in the ensuing crash. The safety report concluded “pilot error.” Demi Moore’s brother, a Navy Seal, was asked about his sister playing a Seal in GI Jane – he said “Only in Hollywood."

Meritocracy is nowhere more manifest in modern America than on the high school football field.

The boys who play the game know who their most courageous teammates are, and they just as readily recognize the fastest, the smartest and the hardest working. In the weeks of physical training and full-pad practices that precede their first game, they learn to admire each other's skills and trust each other's character. Having been through much together -- and having started with equal chances to prove themselves on the field -- they become a team.

That is not what happened in Florida last...