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You would think the Democrats learned with the first Black President that it will be just as bad with the first female. Enough said.
I do not agree with McCain, but if you think he is the biggest fool in Washington, then you are even a bigger one than he is.
How does one who is restricted to a wheel chair position himself any other way?
Some people are just plain stupid, and this fellow is one of them.
Why would anyone listen to this idiot!
This cop needs to be fired!
It's about time to search them out and fire them ( the idiots that make these policies and those who carry them out).
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Megyn Kelly Goes Hollywood

gstueart Wrote: Dec 12, 2013 9:02 AM
Did you notice how she gave time to both Jay and the idiot sitting beside her. She was really great. Love to watch and listen to her.
Please give us a break. You are truly an idiot of just plain stupid. Take your blame game some other place.
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