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Is It Time to Let Obama Have His Way?

gstephens Wrote: Dec 11, 2012 12:59 PM
This is not an economic short game. This entire mess is about the final destruction of a sworn enemy. Obama, the MSM, Harry Reid, and other congressional cohorts see and end to a serious Republican challenge and two-party politics for the foreseeable future. If it means sticking it to the American people, then so be it. If it means another credit rating drop, fine. The 2013 mantra of this Democrat party is, "Better to rule a failing, floundering country than to coexist in a rebounding, growing one." As poorly as Republicans are playing this, perhaps the country would be better off in the long run if Republicans were simply crushed by this debacle. All that has driven the Republicans in Congress is fear of the next election outcome.

The White House's campaign apparatus is still in high gear.  Below is the email I received yesterday from Stephanie Cutter.  It shows just how easily the left can caricature the GOP's position on the fiscal cliff, especially given the press's ideological sympathy for the President.

Even a casual read make it obvious that the President is planning to blame Republicans -- not just for taking the country over the cliff in order to protect the hated "rich," but for everything that could possibly go wrong in the aftermath (and don't think he won't try to confuse Americans into thinking the new...