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Look at the things a president can do with impunity when a compliant, lying press has his back. Outside of Fox, there are NO MSM reports of Obama's virulent anti-Christian, anti-American stabs. Obama told the world earlier this year that America is not a Christian nation and he is out to prove his point, and he is getting tremendous help from Hollywood(pay attention to dialogue on TV dramas and comedies) writers and the MSM news and commentary. The very fabric of this nation is under attack.
The ACA addresses the doctor shortage by lowering entrance exams to medical schools and lowering graduation standards for minority students and paying minority tuition to medical schools. In turn, the government retains the right to send these "lowered standard" doctors where they choose.
None of this foolishness happens if the Senate fulfills its constitutional duty to produce a budget. Harry, why no budgets since Obama took office? A real media and a real opposition party would have this in front of the voters everyday. Crickets chirping...
"Change we can believe in." We may not like it, but it's hard not to believe it.
There is nothing in American politics that regularly attracts the best and the brightest.
She is a former governor of Kansas.
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Harry Reid's History of Ugly Remarks

gstephens Wrote: Oct 03, 2013 1:44 PM
Let's be fair here. Reid said why should government choose to fund NIH cancer treatment trials over Nellis AFB in Nevada. You see, this makes sense to Harry when you look at votes. Why, kids with cancer are probably not going to live to vote anyway. Besides, we have no right to question our elected officials. Where do you people think you are....America?
The top tier Cadillac plan offered to members of Congress will be their existing plan. It is platinum plus. You and I cannot get that plan. Lower level staffers may be forced into regular exchange plans.
Language in the ACA treats Cadillac Plans as income above a certain level. The congressional plans are the top end of that circumstance. Since those plans are taxable as income above a threshold point, should they be considered a raise? If so, should these subsidies be subject to the limitations of the 27th Amendment? Of course, the amendment says that Congress cannot receive a pay raise they voted for themselves without first standing for election. That would prevent them receiving the subsidies until after Nov. 2014.
Mr. Obama told Boehner and the press last week that none of the CR was negotiable. What he meant to say was he would negotiate with any MUSLIM group.
Never underestimate the "low" in low information voters.
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