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(whispered sotto voce) "pssssst, capitalust - shhhhhhhh!!! We don't want the marxies to find out about that evil right-wing conspiracy known as Mensa!" ;-)
Aunti, that is happening all over the country.
To be more precise, at least 55,000,000 citizens were murdered by the state under the "leadership" of Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong and Pol Pot; AFTER registration, then confiscation of firearms.
Collectivism is right out of the marxist playbook. Anyone who thinks otherwise has not read "Das Kapital" or "The Communist Manifesto". Looks like both Joe Joe and the queen witch have read them.
It is not illegal to sell an M-16 to civilians. It is only illegal to sell one to anyone that doesn't have a Class 3 FFL.
Your ridiculous attempt at an example #1 - The point of the above article was that an M-4 type rifle would have given the citizen the option of stopping the criminal without having to wait until he was within pistol range. That was a combat situation & having a modern self defense rifle would have given them more options and greater firepower. #2 - How long have cocaine and heroin been banned? How well has that worked? And machine guns were not banned, they were regulated. Any one with a Class 3 FFL can buy one. The fact that they are rarely, if ever used in crimes is more due to their expense (as much as $75,000) and the fact that they are not a good option for the typical criminal's agenda (they burn through ammo too quickly).
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