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FIve will get you ten Zero isn't in them. Most likely at a fund raiser.
Unions never served a good purpose. They rose to prominence on the lack of industry in Europe and Asia decimated by WWI & WWII bombings. The US was the only place to go for manufacturing on a large scale. Unions simply rode that coat tail and taking credit for pushing up wages in a market where skilled workers where at a premium and could demand such wages regardless.
Nothing. All he has is distorted talking points. Notice in his posts and his link that he gets to the conclusion of a surplus by Clinton, not by over all debt standing but by "debt held by public" in one argument, and then "debt as % of GDP" in the next. Fact is the overall National Debt has has NEVER had a year over year decrease since 1953 or 1954. If you add to your debt, there is no conceivable way to have a surplus.
Please ask Uncle Milton how a surplus can exist when the national debt has increased EVERY year of Clintons two terms....30% overall during that time.
How much more dense can the establishment republicans get? Zero has spent the past 5 years pitting blacks against whites, man against woman, immigrant against illegal, rich against poor, religious against atheist and this as s hat in Baton Rouge says Romney is dividing and insulting? UFB
Another reason?....LOL
S T F U you establishment Pug.
Please give a us nation, any nation, in all of human history that has tax, borrowed and spent its way to prosperity.
Uhhh Cutter already admitted that figure was wrong. Try again liar.
During that time of those tax rates the National Debt increased every year except one. The tax rate you offer still wasn't enough. So what is your answer....take it all?
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Why Did Mitt Romney Lose?

gs425 Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 1:33 PM
You do realize that Obama and his PACS spent more than Romney and his right?
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