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The shooter did not acquire the weapons legally....he stole them.
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America: We're on the Wrong Track

gs425 Wrote: Dec 18, 2012 8:41 AM
Progressives set America on the wrong track 100 years ago and the runaway train gained momentum when they elected this anti American fraud to the White House for 30 pcs of silver.
Could you please show us what scope manufacturer uses 'cross-hairs' that extend beyond the outer circle.
On what? The answer is will always be NO.
On what? The answer is will always be NO.
Liberals understand this fact perfectly...especially when it comes to energy and specifically gasoline.
And I'll lay money on it you think Fast and Furious was a Bush operation too. LOL....moron.
That's a laugher. Obama and the demcrat party has spend the last 5 years pitting white against minorities, poor against the rich, religious against the atheist, immigrant against illegal alien and this as shat has the nerve to say FOX is dividing by telling the truth. This guy would have made a great nazi.
Another 'would have, could have, should have" pipe dream being offered as a coherent thought.
That is because you s u c k c o c k while traveling the world.
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