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Star Parker: Ben Carson on America's Education Challenge

GRusling Wrote: Oct 27, 2012 9:05 AM
The problem with today's education standards is that they attempt to set a standard, when there is no such thing as a "standard child!" A diverse education department which pairs students with a multiple of possibilities would work much better. Some children don't want to go to college. They'd rather be auto-mechanics or truck drivers or heavy equipment operators, so why not educate them to do and be what they want, rather than attempting to turn them all into Doctors and Lawyers? This is what Japan does, with testing and counseling and a responsive education system, and it works! Maybe we should try it and see what happens. You get very few "dropouts" when students are learning something they're actually interested in...

In the midst of the third presidential debate in Florida, which was supposedly about foreign policy, President Barack Obama interjected a few words about American education.

The rationale was not unreasonable. A better-educated America will be a better-performing and more internationally competitive America.

"Let's talk about what we need to compete. ... Let's take an example that we know is going to make a difference in the 21st century and that's our education policy," he said.

Unfortunately, as is so often the case with politicians, what we hear...