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Republicans Get Sound Advice on Immigration…From The New York Times

GRusling Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 10:53 AM
Hispanics in America (the native variety) want immigration reform alright, but not the type our "Media" keeps proposing. What they want is a reasonable program which allows workers from Mexico and farther south, most of which have no desire to become citizens. They also understand that current "illegal alien entrants" are probably not "Hispanic" at all, most likely being Asians or Arabs from the Middle East, with a spate of Eastern Europeans thrown in for good measure. The majority of those who ARE Hispanic are not from Mexico, but from some place in South America.
GRusling Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 11:13 AM
Secure our Southern border, create a good "Guest Worker" program and end this foolish "war on Drugs" which is costing us billions of dollars not to mention the human toll while producing no good result, and do so by "regulating" these drugs and teaching about their dangers. It should be obvious to anyone with a pea-brain that our current approach is completely ineffective, and may be counter productive since the best way to get some "young person" to try something is to tell them they can't!

Study the alcohol prohibition era. It didn't work for the same reason "drug" prohibition doesn't work and never will. People will always find a way to get whatever they want. This isn't rocket science... it's just human nature...

Republicans are standing out on the ledge contemplating their next move. They have an air of desperation, having lost an election they believe they should have won. They are reckoning with the unpleasant reality that the nation’s fastest growing group of voters, Hispanics, doesn’t love them.

All of the experts are telling them that Hispanics will never love Republicans so long as they block the path to amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. Their advice is simple: Take a leap of faith that once you give in to the demands of those pushing amnesty for illegal aliens, you will land softly...