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Public Employee Unions: Can They be Tamed?

GRusling Wrote: Jun 06, 2012 9:37 AM
There is no way "Government" unions are fair, because one party to the agreement is never present, having no vote at all, and that's the party who pays for it all...
Government unions, what else? -- trying in Wisconsin to give their Republican governor, Scott Walker, the bum's rush from office. There's a fitness, a propriety, in the match-up of reformer (Walker) and encrusted power machine (the Wisconsin public employee unions).

I've two reasons for saying so. By the way, I write shortly in advance of the vote on retaining Walker in office -- midway through his term -- or heaving him out the window -- obedient to the unions' summons to punish the guy for muddying their landscaped terrain.

Reason 1: In spite of what surely must be the moral excellence...