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Foreign Policy: A Strength for Romney/Ryan?

GRUP Wrote: Aug 13, 2012 2:48 AM
In the interview, she expresses concern about 0 managing the decline. IIRC, Kissinger described his job as something similar during the cold war. Why suggest bringing the problem back onboard ? GBUSA

When the names of Condi Rice and Gen. David Petraeus were thrown into the mix as possible VP options, the foreign policy experience they’d bring to the ticket seemed like an attractive option. What I heard in the news reports after Ryan was chosen is that there’s an obvious deficit in foreign policy experience between the two, which is a major weakness for the ticket. But as KT McFarland points out in an interview with Fox News, that’s hardly the case and I’d have to agree.

Adding Ryan to the ticket strengthens U.S. foreign policy for several reasons. Most...