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He is a leftist. All is forgiven.
I see your point as everyone makes bad choices but at least the parent only effects the one student. We have idiots in charge of inner city education and it is destroying the nation.
It is completely and totally believable. The black community has segregated itself and is living the delusion that anyone cares what they do to themselves. The Amish also segregated themselves and noone cares what they do.
They would need to possess honor to grasp such a concept.
I support the death penalty for child molesters.
Honesty is offensive to atheists and liberals.
That is what happens when you stir the pot with no solutions.
They simply wish to create the mob and obscure that it is merely a mob of their own creation while they rip the scab off an ever healing scab of racial tension.
They all maintain the world is overpopulated but the answer is always someone else die.
I cant believe the nerve of those racist misogynist Republicans stopping the party of civility from the patriotic dissent of throwing bricks and feces at those who hate womens health.
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