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Democrats are pussies! Should raise the minimum wage to $100/hr and make everyone rich! When elected Dictator For Life I promise to eliminate the minimum wage. When employers and workers have to think about what a job is worth the better jobs will pay more. Last night on Legendary Motorcar, Klutt had a car at auction that wasn't getting his reserve. So he pulled the reserve, a bidding war ensued, and car sold for more than the original reserve. Happens all the time in the real world.
I only wish they would spend half as much effort on background checks for voter registration. In fact, I wish voter registration had EXACTLY THE SAME background check and requirements as for purchase of firearms and ammunition. If you are not fit and qualified to own a firearm, you are not fit or qualified to vote. After all, voting is far more dangerous than firearms.
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Health Care for the Pushy

GrumpyCat Wrote: Nov 08, 2013 9:57 PM
Don't forget the fantastic level of care our vets get from the VA! Not! Can't think of any better example of how bad things will be once government has total control over healthcare than the example the government sets with the Veteran's Administration.
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