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Oh! I thought he meant BARRY, as in the Prez...
You said what I was going to say: ergo, you are very wise. Seriously, though: vote for someone because he's Black? In what way is that any less racist than refusing to vote for someone because he's Black?
"I know, thinking are HARD." Grammar IS even harder. For some.
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The State Of Our Union

Grumpy25 Wrote: Jan 22, 2015 9:11 PM
" have to forego vacations and a new car" OMG. Vacations and new cars are now a "human right"?
Their feelings are more important than your life.
"he still hasn’t heard from the state government or local officials about any offers to help rebuild" How exactly is it the government's (read: taxpayer$) responsibility?
Not to mention the risk to kids too young to be vaccinated.
And skipping vaccinations is swell, unless you're the one that starts an outbreak. Or one of the victims of an outbreak.
If/When the GOP wins big it will be their last chance. If they actually take decisive and effective action and accomplish something (anything) they will be heroes. If they continue the status quo they'll be in the bottom of the septic tank along with the Dems.
"wait until he sees what we’re going to do to him and his Democratic allies in November." Does he care? He's now worth over $12 million.
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