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The Bridgegate Investigation to Nowhere

grubby Wrote: Jul 19, 2014 1:25 AM
The d-crats do. If Benson wasn't so obtuse, or in the tank, he'd realize the reason the media laid off FM was because they want him to be the republican nominee in 2016 - and likely to be if the party's establishment money has anything to say about it. They know the base would be turned off by another east coast state liberal republican while conservatives are generally repulsed by the guy (it would be difficult for them to forget the Judas embrace he gave to B. Hussein when Sandy hit). In the end, the republican consulting class would get richer and the democrats would once again be saved by the stupid party.
He's certainly been the Manchurian candidate - and the left successfully pulled it off. The demographic Jihad is meant to provide a human shield against the political opposition. If civil unrest is fomented, B. Hussein may declare an emergency and not leave in 2016.
In this case, I must disagree with Jonah as well. IMO, this is an orchestrated attack on the sovereignty of this country - demographic Jihad, conducted by Islamic sympathizers if they are not, in fact, undercover Islamic agents themselves: B. Hussein and the Iranian Valerie Jarrett. The disarming mechanism of this onslaught is the emotional manipulation gained by using 'children' in the same sacrificial manner Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood et al use civilians as human shields for their armed aggression. The way these illegal people are being urgently disseminated throughout the country tells you this is a larger operation being purposely done. Make no mistake: we are at war right here in the US. Why do you think those Fed agencies bought up all that ammo? Civil unrest? That will give this regime the excuse it needs to seize emergency powers and to start shooting. As to its deliberateness, so many commentators and pundits will just not as yet cross that Rubicon - but it will be crossed..
The whole BC thing sickens. It's like demanding that a health insurance plan cover the cost of soap. The real purpose was the 'in your face' challenge to the providers religious beliefs via the liberal fascist will. When the real Western - Islamic confrontation begins, Muslims will be force fed pork intestines - and liberals their own excrement in the same manner.. .
You are rather sick, Cathy Reisenwitz. No one, including Ann, was suggesting blood sports replace our sports. Besides, there are already enough of those kind of events to more than satisfy that element i.e. MMA, etc. In fact, there is a fan revolt going on against the NHL's continued tolerance of fighting as an integral feature of hockey. It remains only because the ownership gentry continue to insist that fighting sells tickets. Once dork Commissioner Bettman is finally booted, the fighting will go as well. What Ann is saying is that, for Americans, soccer is a boring, unentertaining and rather stupid. We just saw the spectacle.of the US losing a game yet advancing. In our sports, a win advances you and a loss eliminates you. And that makes sense. If this is satire, it was a poor attempt.
Pandering based on whatever is not conservative and that is not what Star is suggesting here. But she is saying that McDaniel ignored a segment of the electorate that was in play in the runoff that was not in the primary. McDaniel knew his primary supporters would walk on glass to vote for him in the runoff. But there were plenty on the other side who would have loved to see the fossil of a privileged class, Cochran, knocked off. A couple well publicized appearances in the more Black portions of the state and perhaps a commercial by a Black pastor might have been enough. Instead, he left them with the impression that he did not need or want their vote, thus allowing the crossover surge to go unchecked. As they say, politics ain't beanbag.
Brilliant analysis, Star. McDaniel was far too complacent in dealing with a crusty veteran of MS politics like Cochran. It was negligent and irresponsible if he did not realize that the runoff had opened his flank to crossover democrats due to the peculiar nature of the runoff rules. And he allowed himself to be negatively defined by the 'Tea Party' tag. There is no such party per se called the 'Tea Party'. It has been a term hammered by the leftist media which it defined by a negative narrative as 'racist'. This is a scurrilous lie. Now any person/candidate the establishment GOP does not like becomes the 'Tea Party' candidate. Until insurgent republican candidates go after this label, both sides will use it against them..
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