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Health Care: No, the State Doesn't Know Best

Groobiecat Wrote: May 17, 2012 7:50 AM
Hey, great piece; if you like pedantic listings of the number of times the word "shall" is listed in legislation. But if you're interested in how the Massachusetts citizens--you know, the entities that actually use and are impacted by that state's healthcare system--feel about it, readers need to look elsewhere. Like, say, a poll that surveys how people feel about it: "The poll by Market Decisions, a research and consulting group, found that 84 percent of residents are satisfied with the Massachusetts plan, which requires most adults to have health insurance." ( Or, just keep talking about legislation and bureaucrats without focusing on what's important.
wmou Wrote: May 17, 2012 8:14 AM
A lot of us know the Free Markets are superior to govt controlled systems. They lower costs, improve quality, increase availability, and spur innovation. And as an added bonus there are almost no "YOU SHALL"s

PRICES WERE OUT OF CONTROL at the end of 3rd-century Rome, and the Emperor Diocletian was determined to rein them in. In AD 301 he issued his famous Edict on Prices, a complex piece of legislation that banned speculation and established price ceilings for a wide range of goods and services. But the ambitious law failed. Though violators could be punished with death, inflation and speculation persisted. Goods were hoarded, or sold on the black market. The economic crisis worsened. Eventually the law was abandoned. Like countless rulers before and since, Diocletian discovered the hard way that...