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Most terrifying is the fact that the rangers and various other minions are so obediently following these orders. Remember what happened the last time we saw members of a supposedly "civilized" culture were "just following orders."
They figured they would receive the special treatment they were promised (of course they wil get the waivers, so their messiah can make this all go away).
Exactly. I actually thought they had already been granted the waivers before the vote, when the 30 pieces of silver that were being handed out to the various congresspeople in payment for their votes.
Corey figured she'd get ample protection from her handlers, Obama and Holder. Methinks she's about to learn she was wrong.
Every single talking head and protester decrying the Zimmerman verdict should be asked, "But what about all the other kids being killed every day in cities across the nation? Why no outrage from you about them?" Make them face that question and refuse to permit them to wiggle away from answering.
But much to his chagrin, I'm sure, that comment has made him even more of a punchline.
He, this administration, and the rest of their leftist brethren couldn't care less about the people you have mentioned, nor do they kill about all the other kids being murdered daily in Chicago and the other hell holes of this nation. Doesn't fit the narrative, just like Mr. Zimmerman being half-Hispanic didn't fit the narrative either.
She figures that as long as she gets to be president next, "what difference does it make." She's just not considering that the messiah is already working on his executive order that will make him president for life. And who would stop him? The RINOs in congress? The Supreme Court? The media?
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Groundhog Day in America

GrizzlyMomUSA Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 1:03 PM
Indeed it will be worse, especially as socialized medicine is jammed into the fabric and fiber of America, breaking its spine once and for all. There is not a happier man on the planet than this president, who is now free to complete his transformation of the country he has for so long sought to punish. Betsy (grizzlymom.com)
Obama called on his followers to vote for "revenge," and they followed his edict. He knew who would be listening, and now the rest of us know, too. Betsy (grizzlymom.com)
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