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Late-Term Abortion's Latest Champion: Terry McAuliffe

Grinch57 Wrote: Aug 17, 2013 2:20 PM
Come on guys. The Wendy Davis thing is just a tactic used over and over in emails sent out to the base, trying to raise money for ... whatever. In this case, it's raising money for one of the slipperiest pols out there. I sincerely doubt Davis wrote the email. Some hack staffer wrote the email, put her name on it (with Davis' permission) and sent it out, asking for money. All the buzzwords are there ... the emails could probably be generated by a "bot" for all the same tired cliches they throw out. "extreme" "dangerous" "limit women's access to healthcare" "assault" "powerful message" "impose their agenda" This isn't news ... it's just standard campaign donation email tripe sent out to the party faithful. If you are "shocked" or "surprised" by the email, then you have not been paying attention.