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They pay cash because they otherwise couldn't qualify. If you've bought a house since Dodd Frank went into effects, it's almost impossible, and they want to know everything about anything you've done. Cash requires no questions.
Any time the left accuses Republicans of anything bad, you can be sure that they're probably projecting. In this case, the left is the main element that is keeping minorities on the liberal "plantation" thorough all of the social programs and social engineering. The left is just inherently evil and there is no way to disguise it except to accuse the other side of doing exactly what they're doing.
I personally hold 0bama responsible for this since he won't allow soldiers to carry side arms on the military posts. This wouldn't happen if the military personnel were allowed to defend themselves with more than a book or piece of paper.
Hurray for the democrats. They protect us from being a fiscally responsible nation. We're going to become a Weimar Republic whether we want to or not. Harry Reid and his family are crooks and on the take. I said it. So sue me!
Bossy is polite compared to most of the words we prefer for womyn like her.
Democrats are a healthcare issue. They fight for abortion and it's responsible or the deaths of over 55 million babies. They gave us 0bamacare, and it's got the IPAB death panels) that are going to make sure our senior citizens get to die when they need care. 0bamcare is also gong to give us sever healthcare rationing. Seriously, the biggest threat to good health and longevity in this country is democrats. Period.
You presume that 0bama wants America to succeed.
Seems a lot of democrats are resigning so that the job can be taken by another democrat rather than have the seat lost in the general election due to a lousy voting record. Too bad that democrats will be re-elected to almost all of those seats that would otherwise be lost.
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Boy Suspended For Merely Saying 'Gun'

griller Wrote: Jun 05, 2013 6:31 PM
Don't fill out forms. Don't allow people into your house. Don't allow anyone to censor your speech. This is nothing more than totalitarian government taking away rights that we all are supposed to enjoy under the constitution.
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