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You Can't Call a Pretty Girl Pretty; What Kind of Country Are We Becoming?

grich903 Wrote: Jan 11, 2013 9:37 AM
Not so much homophobia, but the anger that Liberal women have ower non-ugly happy Conservative women. Have you ever seen a really pretty Liberal congresswoman or senator? Liveral women are always non-attractive. They are jeolous of any woman who is actually attractive enough to get a man to wolk-whistle. They are dumb as a box of rocks. Everyone who pays attention knows that Feminists are femenists because they are not attractive to men.

Before examining the ridiculous controversy stemming from Monday night’s college football championship broadcast, let us stipulate that there are more urgent and scary ways to describe the current changes in America.

We are becoming a culture of dependency. We are becoming a neo-socialist experiment. We are becoming a dumbed-down nation unappreciative of its founders. We are losing touch with the Constitution and the very concept of liberty.

I do not argue that today’s essay is our most pressing problem. But as scores of fine writers address the various angles of our republic’s dangle from a precarious thread, I thought I’d venture...