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When Half a Loaf Is Enough

grich903 Wrote: Apr 19, 2013 10:03 AM
What it is, is the Demwits want their vote, period. They don't care that we have lost JOBS, have people who have families that have lived here for GENERATIONS without work. The workforce participatioin rate is down over 83 million. So we're going to legalize 12 million to come out of the shadows and take additional jobs, plus all their family members that didn't come across with them are going to be invitied to join them HERE? Until regular Americans are fully employed again, why would we over-load the unemployment rolls with illegals, unless the point is to so overload the system that you make it FAIL, and destroy what is left of our great economic system.
The immigration reform bill introduced this week by a bipartisan group of senators will please few die-hards on either side of the immigration debate, but it's likely to please most Americans. Polls consistently show majority support for allowing the 11 million people who reside illegally in the U.S. to remain here, as long as they pay a penalty for violating immigration laws, have not committed serious crimes and, importantly, learn English. But many people remain skeptical that our borders are secure and want proof that we're making progress toward that end before Congress makes other changes to immigration law.

The Senate bill...