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Union Activist Says Obama, Booker ‘Genetically Engineered to Divide and Negate Black Political Energies’

grich903 Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 9:45 AM
The deal fo rme is that the Liberals OWN the school systems to the detrament of all children, not just the black kids. They have lowered the standards to such an extent that the government will always have a large voting underclass that doesn't even understand baskc economics or when the government is over stepping it's authority. These children will vote into office those who do not have their best interests in mind, who will always think that are a maluable group to be lead in whatever direction the Dems want., Rational thought is taught in Europe, not here, and the kids come out owned by the liberal government. I want to get back to real education, math - english - science - and get away from social engineering.

It’s becoming more obvious by the day that many teachers union activists are on the creepy radical fringe of American politics. They’re proudly on the outside and far to the left of the left-leaning Democratic Party.

How else can one explain the angry reaction of so many union activists when Democratic politicians endorse or accept a few government school reforms?

Take United Federation of Teachers activist Michael Fiorillo. He takes no prisoners when it comes to his analysis of those Democrats, like President Obama and Newark Mayor Cory Booker, who call for more accountability for public school teachers. He recently...