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How's That Obamacare Waiver Workin' Out for Ya?

grich903 Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 1:09 PM
A leason in basic economics might have helped these selfish freaks understand why O'Bama care is such a detrement to full employment. A companies profits aren't just stuck in a bank somewhere collecting dust. They are put back into the business: for repairs of the facility, for rent on the facility, for paying the employees and keeping good employees, for food and cleaning costs, for electricity and water, for insurance on the building and for accident's that might bring a lawsuit if some poor wretch falls on the premises or swallows a noodle the wrong way and screams 'lawsuit!!" They also pay taxes to the local, and state governments before the FedGov gets anything on their profits.
Exactly two years ago this week, the Obama administration announced it had issued more than 100 waivers en masse to a select group of companies, unions and other health insurance providers seeking relief from the onerous federal health care law. The Obamacare waiver winner's club now totals 2,000. Where are they now?

Answer: In the same miserable boat as every other unlucky business struggling with the crushing costs and burdens of the mandate.

Among the first and most prominent recipients of the Obamacare waivers for favors were large restaurant chains that provide low-wage, seasonal and part-time workers with low-cost health insurance plans called...