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Look, this is how the mainstream party thinks and acts, they are just as intollerant of Conservatives and Tea Party candidates as the O'Bamaites. That's why it was so important for the Tea Party to field good viable candidates to get some of this dead wood out office. As it is, we may end up with the same issue we've had for 8+ years. Republicans in name only who want to grow up to be Democrats because the parties are more fun. They are that shallow. They hate the conservatives, the Christians, the Constitutionalists and anyone who want to retain power with the people and outside of Washington. That's the problem. Matt could have been one of the solutions if it had been presented in a proper light. So, with McConnell still in power, the GOP is still Democrate lite.
Why, that sounds like the welfare to work program that O-B ended when he got into office, you know, that little success program thatNewt Gingrich and the GOP put into place when O'Clinton was in office. Yeah, how about a hand for a good program that ended at the hand of the out of control dictator.
You're assuming that the Donkey Party even recognises the existence of Constitutional restraints. Do they really want us to go back and look at money raised for O-B on the internet from Palestine?
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Poll Finds Wide Support for Voter ID Laws

grich903 Wrote: May 19, 2014 10:39 AM
There's a mind-set that voting is a right - it is a privelegde that can be hinged on certain actions being taken. You must register, you must vote without missing a certain number of elections in a row; you must be at least 18, you must live in the area that your vote is cast. There are all requirements. Most people have ID, either a state drivers licence or a card that allows them to cash their government checks. The issue is, that one of the parties (Democrats) has used the voting process to circumvent the will of the American people by allowing illegal aliens, criminals and dead people to vote. That cancels out the vote of a law-abiding American. And that is what the LAWLESS government is about. Canceling everytning but the taxes we pay, letting the working law abiding Americans carry the weight of this gigantic government by have NO VOICE in how the government is run or what it spends OUR hard earned money on. That is why every precinct in every state needs to have voters ID. To allow the American, law abiding citizens to have a voice in their government again.
on;y if we can train the executioners to do it right, otherwise the perp ends up alive with a half broken neck.
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No Landslide for the GOP

grich903 Wrote: May 16, 2014 10:14 AM
And the national GOP parties seems to want to be the national Democrat party! What is WRONG with that picture?
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Look Her in the Eye

grich903 Wrote: Apr 28, 2014 10:11 AM
Actually, the body being aborted isn't her body, it's separate, floating in a biometric fluid, it has a separate blood system, and often a diferent blood type. It has separate and different DNA, and it's solely dependent on it's mother for nutrients. It is small and defenseless, and needs its mother to protect it from the outside harms. No, it's a separate being. It's small - you can't see it until it's 10th week. The baby draws its oxygen and food from Mom. Now, it you look logically, would you kill a kitten or dog because it was small? No. You'd nurture it. Yet, many are killing human beings because they are small, too small to see. OK, not it also can't communicate yet, even after birth, it will not be able to speak up for itself. Now, since it can't defend itself, should it be allowed to be killed? What about people who are deaf and dumb, they can't communicate in the way that we understand. Do we then kill them beause they can't speak up and defend themselves? The child in the womb can't move free from the mothers fluids. If can't walk or run away from danger. So, is it OK because it's unable to run to kill it? What about para and quadraplegics? They can't run away either, so do we kill them where they sit. The child is a HUMAN BEING. Not a blob of tissue. And if you abort it, the only innocent being in that relationship is put on death row. Some say murderers shouldn't be killed by execution, yet how many babies have been executed in the wonb?
That's like electing the FOX to be the healthcare provider for the HEN HOUSE!
Always remember, that when a progressive is yelling about the other people and ranting, they are describing themselves in the rant because that's the only concepts they know about. So you take their rant, describe it in opposites and you have their enemy, they call the enemy racist, the progressive is the racist, etc. That's what they always do, espouse their characteristics to their enemy.
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Government-Forced Retirement at 57?

grich903 Wrote: Apr 22, 2014 9:57 AM
Me, too! I was forced out of the Postal Service at 40, after 23 years of service. I then started working for private or government organizations and can't retire until I am 70. I work for a state gov now, and with 14 years in, and at 58, I'm still doing heavy physical work outside and doing the paperwork, complicated sometimes, to support the work. And am going to college to get a degree with a 3.8 GPA. No, this is just more socialistic dumbness.
Pelosi equals the evil witch from the west to me. Let's do a little relook at history: Civil War - the slave owners were DEMOCRATS, it took the Republican party to free the slaves. Civils Rights Legislation in the 1960's: not a single Democrat voted for itn, not Al Gore Sr, Not a SINGLE DEMOCRAT voted for it, but the GOP supported is heavily. Now, who are the racists?
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