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Are you kidding, progressives don't like We The People having ANY rights. They believe all rights reside in the Elite and the Government. The rest of us can hang for all they care.
What happened was the Democrats were in charge of the House and the Senate at the time, and as soon as the Bill passed by low margins in both houses, the building of the fence started, and then about 10 months later, when the Democrats had a larger number in the House, they defunded the fence and it stopped.
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Article One and Stunts

grich903 Wrote: Jul 11, 2014 9:25 AM
They are FOOLs *(Lord, forgive me for that word) but they are also wrong, because I told them how to handle this - tell O-Bama he INVITED those children here and he has to pay for them from the WHITE HOUSES budget, put his money where his mouth is, the AMERICAN people didn't invite those children in, the President's did through HIS executive order, he should have to pay it out of the money allocated for the White House.
I'd just want them to stop stomping on the voters, say, in the Statte of Mississippi. Without the mainstream parties interference, MS would have gotten the candidtate they wanted. Chris McDaniels. They interfered, brought over 35000 Dem voters into a Republican primary, and only won by 900 votes. If they had left it alone, the people of MS would have held their nose, like they have in the last two presidential elections and voted GOP. But them odds aren't up, the VOTERS who were GOP didn't get to chose their candidate, the democrat voters, who will never again vote Republican DID. If that makes a 7th seat they need to win, they are reaping what they sowed.
The problem is our OPEN BORDERS - where drug lords are escorted in at the behest of the O-B and are not shot in the head on the way in. There are state parks in Texas Americans can't go into because they are militarized zone where drug lords are in charge. The heads of people are thrown over the border into South Texas by these same drug lords, the people who own land along the border have to put guards on their boundary with Mexico because it is so corrupt. This is what is happening, and the GOP are crazy for wanting a FENCE!! The Bush and the O-B are crazy for not building a 25 foot WALL with lazers on top. Close the bloody border!! Oh, and the equipment that local law enforcement has? IT TO USE AGAINST law abiding Americans to train them to be submissive to government.
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Thad Cochran's Voting-Rights Victory

grich903 Wrote: Jul 01, 2014 7:32 AM
That action wasn't a part of the McDaniel team, if we got honest it was probably done by the Barbour lobby trying to make McDaniel look bad. Just like Barbour stood by a man who can't remember what he eat for dinner last night, who's sleeping with his assistant and standing 50% of the time with the Dems. That's who the conservatives in MS was trying to defeat, and that's who the Democrats what to run against their candidate. It's a sad day in Mississippi.
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You Bet This is Swiftboating

grich903 Wrote: Jun 19, 2014 5:28 PM
Isn't it interesting that HAD 'the One' gone through proper scrutiny before the US Congress as is Constitutionally required, all of this wouold have come out and the 'embarrassment' that had to be covered up by swift boating the honorable soldiers would not have had to happen. Following his Constitutionally directed rules would have stopped the foolishness.
Reading is fundimental - read "Islam: the Poliltics and Religion of Islam". In it, they tell us that there is no separation of powers in the 'religion' of Islam, they are one and the same - and the religion runs the politics.
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Being Pro-English Is Also Pro-Immigrant

grich903 Wrote: Jun 06, 2014 1:13 PM
The Progressives want the illegals and anyone else non-English, to be dependent on the Democrat party for everything. But they miss the point, ENGLISH is the language of BUSINESS. For the immigrants (mostly illegals) to be able to get a jobs that supports their families and helps the Chamber of Commerce, they must speak English. All Nations use English as their language for business transactions. To leave them unchanged, speaking their original language is to doom them to failure and subservience to the State.
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The Gallows for a Christian Mother

grich903 Wrote: Jun 06, 2014 1:08 PM
What we need to introduce is a battalion of Warriors and a bunch of cruze missles, level the whole naton except for the jail and then walk in and take her and her children OUT. Those kids are AMERICAN citizens and totally innocent of anything. Their mother was never an Islamist and their bahaviour of her is a horror. Level the whole nation. Get her and her family out. They want brutality - we'll give it to them, in spades!
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Foot Soldiers in the War on Women

grich903 Wrote: Jun 06, 2014 1:00 PM
War on Women? Yeah, the Progressives forget it's the WOMEN who end up having to figure out how to buy food when more money goes out for medical expenses, and who will have to figure out which bill NOT to pay when energy gets 40% higher. It's WOMEN who have to take care of that, and the PROGRESSIVES are at war with every female in the NATION who has the responsibility of the family finances. That's the REAl WAR on women HERE, now O-B the Great is making war on Afghan women. Why does he hate women so much?
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