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My Problem With the Republican Party

grich903 Wrote: Mar 10, 2014 10:07 AM
It was thought in the 1980s that no Conservative GOP candidate would ever be elected. We were caught in the Carter melaise, and the economy was even worse than right now. Gerald Ford looked like the candidate for the party. Then a man who was a simple governor stepped forward, and wan 42 states the first run, and 48 the second run for office. He was a former Democrat, and said that he didn't leave the party, the party left him. He was scoffed at by the lame-stream media as a 'cowboy', but he got more done with a Democrat run Senate and Congress that we've gotten done with a Democrat run Senate and a GOP run Congress. Yes, we need a true Conservative. That's what the nation is thirsting for. Someone who articulates consevatism and truely believes in it with all their heart. Someone like that 1980s candidate. Who was he? Ronald Wilson Reagan.
I find it interesting that Emperor O=B ignors the Constitution and breaks our laws with regularity, and there aren't any 'public officials' screaming for his imprisonment. Yet, a God loving, law abiding Conn-voter if going to be jailed for refusing to register their legally purchased gun against an ex-post facto law? No law can be written and remain Constitutional that applies itself to a prior action. A law that is applied to an activity that happened prior to it's passage is illegal by our Constittion - called an ex-post facto law. The citizens of Connecticutt should file a legal brift with the federal court in their state demanding that the law not apply to anyone who has purchased a gun prior to the law. Ex Post Facto.
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Putin, Not Obama, is the Messiah

grich903 Wrote: Mar 10, 2014 9:39 AM
Exactly, their interference in the markets is why the economy is in such horrible shape. The government was never intended for that purpose. A FREE market is called that bacause it is free from the tentacles of government pushing individuals to 'purchase' anything - not even INSURANCE. It's up to the individual to define what they need to purchase and to shop and find the best deal for them. It has never been the role of government to interfer in that process. The role of government was to put basic rules into place to keep ungodly people honest, and to punish those who are abberatins to social order. The government telling you to buy light bulbs and insurance was NEVER the proper role of government. The people have the rights in choise on that, not the government.
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5 Ways Liberals Try To Control You

grich903 Wrote: Mar 06, 2014 11:19 AM
I would be agreeable to the states only sending the government the money they don't need for their budgets. If the money isn't designated for a program in the state, then send them a small check, $50-60 a person, the rest remain in the state, closer to the people. Oh, that's what started the Civit War, wasn't it? The South was tired of sending money needed for state budgets to the north and never receiving any of their money back. They were in the black monetarily, getting tired of the 'north' ruling over them, so they retained the money and sent them a 'tired of being ruled by parasites' note. The north was in a depression and couldn't get workers cheap enough, and the billions that the south used to send in weren't coming in. So the rulers declared war on the south. Oh, but the rallying cry "it's about the money!" wouldn't work. So they made it about slavery. Also, they assumed the former slaves would go north and become underpaid workers in their factories, thus elliminating the Irish workers who demanded a better income. But in the end, the civil war was about billions of dollar they couldn't get their hands on any more after the states left the union.
Not so sure that the US government is that great a guaranteor. The American dollar as of a couple of months ago was work 16 cents. As the print more, that makes it worth less. They might was well be Mt. Gox.
Means going undergroud, but if I were the people of this area, who believe in this family, I'd be finding a way to assist them in disappearing and establising new identities. After all, if 21 million illegal Mexicans and S.Americans can do so, then a few small former Germans should have an easier job, after all, they can blend in better, speak the language better, and in order to protect them the Congressman and people of Tennessee can help them disappear, protecting them from unjust abduction by an illegal injustice department.
No, the GOP needs to be where the Conservative voters can get them to listen to the message - no to Big government, no to O'BamaCare, no to Progressive policy, no to destroying the Constitution. No to the thing that the 'leadership' have been compromising with. They need to see the faces, and to understand we know what they are doing, and we won't put up with it any longer. Nor will be put up with having another 'moderate / progressive' for the candidate.
Everyone views the symbol differently, for those who beleive in God, it's a cross reminding us of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus the Chrsit. To those who don't view it as religious in nature, it reminds them of the struggle to survive and the victory of overcoming what is patently a 'religious' conflct. The Islamist hate us because we don't bow down to their religion. The want to dominate us and put us all under shiria law. They want to push their religion on what was until recently called a 'Christian nation'. And as for the 'atheists', if they chose not to attend a session at the memorial, they don't have to go. I guarantee you, though, the day those planes hit the twin towers, there were not atheists in that building. They were facing death and they were praying to someone, either God or the devil, but they were not standing by saying bring it on and looking forward to death. There are no atheists in fox holes.
Bravo for Martinez and Sears for standing on principle. Thing is, those who desire the destruction of marriage have no principles. I would rather give money and support to someone who espouses my belief system than someone who will take that money and give it in support of matters I don't believe in. I've done that with movies, with television. With everything. The options for other sources are there. I stopped going to movies made by people who were intrenched liberals. I refused to give them money. I don't buy records of people who have given any support to the progressive party. I got rid of my AT+T phone when i found out they supported homosexual marriage (an oxymmoron). If every one of us refused to transfer our money to people who support issues we do not, we'd take the power out of their hands.
Of course O-B can't have families actually taking care of their childrens educaiton. That would mean them actually learning to read, write and do arithmetic. That would mean them missing out on the propaganda that Common Core insists they learn. They can't be menipulated at a young age if their parents are teaching them at home.
Oh, I forgot, this year it's $354 a month for the same policy. It's gone from $94 a month to $354 a month, and my income didn't go up t0o 3 times what it was.
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