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Vladimir Putin is a Good Democrat

grich903 Wrote: Oct 27, 2014 9:36 AM
Are you kidding! This is only the beginning - as the islamists see that the media and politicians are totally not aware of them, they will double and redouble attacks. The American people are not asleep, but they are unheard and ignored. Until the Democrat leader is killed by an islamist, they will bury their heads in the colletivist soil and ignor it.
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"You Never Do Say Never”

grich903 Wrote: Oct 17, 2014 5:20 PM
Has a true conservative run against O-B the Awful to START with we wouldn' be where we are now. No, the GOP keeps giving money to Moderates and the base won't stand for it. We voted the last two election cycles holding our nose and trying to keep a stiff upper lip, but we are thru with Moderates. And the GOP is thru if they keep attacking their own base!
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What About Bobby Jindal?

grich903 Wrote: Oct 09, 2014 9:27 AM
Read his book first, he's smart, and one of US. Not one of the Elitist class. Tired to DEATH of GOP elitists!
Sanger was the one behind Hitler's attrocities. . . shouln't this be a warning for any thinking person?
Ths is so unconsitutional on a bunch of levels. Habius Corpus? Probable cause? Innocent until proven guilty Warrents and need for proof before interceping private information? God protect us from this horror! Banks, everything is up for grabs in this!
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What Ebola Has Revealed About Us

grich903 Wrote: Oct 06, 2014 9:34 AM
The other issue is that people who have Ebola (Hemaragic Fever) are normally kept in Zero atmosphere rooms (low levels of circulated air) where the germs can't transfer out and only purified air circulates in. Now, an apartment doesn't have this. The air goes out through vents and are recirculated back in HVAC style. So the germs in that apartment would have gone into a recirculation unit and back into the apartments through that general unit. Not saying run for your life, but if I were in that unit, I might be having blood samples pulled and buying medical masks with filters for small particle purification. Heck, I'd be doing that for anyone in that buliding since the recirculation of small particles would have sent any of the live material into any apartment with the same recirculating unit attached to it.
And they will if 'the Idzit" isn't stopped, he will Executive Order' Illegal lawless aliens into citizenship and 80% of them will vote Demwiticrat. That is his big plan for the nation, turning us into a 3rd world nation thru illegals who don't understand republican forms of government and are reliant on the government to take care of them. They are from authroitarian run nations and that is what they understand - big government. And unless the GOP grows a back bone, they will vote for it to please the Chambers of Commerce and we will be a 3rd world nation for 100 years.
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GOP Bordering On Victory

grich903 Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 9:18 AM
Ann, stop the trope for Romney - O'Bama was wildly unpopular with ALL of US, but Romney, a moderate who started the O'BamaCare original plan in MA wasn't the answer. You scoffed at the other candidates but many of them would have excited the base and gotten them out. Romney didn't have a fire in his gut for that election. He was a moderate, and still is, even if he was a nice guy. No, we need a candidate with a FIRE in his GUT to correct the ills of government.
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Bye-Bye Burger King: High Taxes to Blame

grich903 Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 9:28 AM
Australia or Greenland
No, he's much more dangerous than a Commie, He's a supporter of religious terrorists - people who bellieve god (little 'g') is giving them permission to kill those who aren't like them. Like their father Ishmael, they are outside the will of God and are slaves to the violence of thepagan moon god, Allah. How can we expect people who are pagan to understand living under the rule of laws based on the Judeo-Christian God that tell you 'thou shalt not kill" "thou shalt not covet". That same Christianity brought respect to women for the first time in history, brought women into society as equal members, brought the sasnctity of marriage as an institution to be repected and honored. We as Americans have cherished these concepts from our births, and we will not bow to an anarchist religion that follows the nazis agenda of racial purity (jewless / chrsitianless) and lowers women to the position of a possession.
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Losing a Sense of Community

grich903 Wrote: Aug 22, 2014 1:29 PM
Put yourself in the officer's place, just one man with another man who is larger than he is. Say you're driving down the road and see two youth in the middle of the road walking where they could be run over. You stop and say, "get up on the sidewalk'. Then you drive on, but notice, hey they didn't move out of the middle of the road. You stop, and call it in (oh, you're a peace officer (old term for us 'old folk') So, now you're concerned, why are they still in the middle of te road? They culd get hit!) You, being a concerned citizen, howbeit a police officer, back up and tell them to get out of the road! Instead of sheepish, sorry, I'll get of of the roadway are confronted with a guy bigger than you are diving into your police car and beating the living heck out of your face. Dur9ing the initial altercation, the officer's eye is damaged (broken bone around eye) Now, I for one have accidently stuck my finger in my eye during my sleep, and I can tell you, I can say, it hurt really badly!) Blurred vision, a need to hold my face, watering vision) Now, add to that, the person who just hit me so hard he broke my eye socket is leaving (relief, time to call it back in Officer needs assistance!) Then you see the guy turn around and coming back at you running them time. How fast can your run? About 30 feet? Do it in, say 30 seconds? 45 seconds? 20 seconds? How fast can you cover that distance? 30 seconds? OK, so the officer whose face just got beaten up and can't see clearly through his broken eye socket, has about 30 seconds to defend himself. What would you do? Think honestly about it. You're injured, you're about 5'8" 160LB soaking wet, and you see the guy coming back at you running full speed, not to mention that you can't see clearly yet, your eyes are still reacting to worse than a finger poke. Hum, are you living this out? Go ahead, poke your finger in your eye and count to 45. . . can you see straight yet? No, didn't think so. So this injured guy has 30 seconds to react to his initial assailant turning around and heading back to him at a run, no looping, not lightly jogging, but 300LBs at a dead run heading back to him. Think Hershrel Walker only a little taller and heavier) So, I want you to decide what to do. . . Figured it out yet? Do you let him hit you again, bigger than you and heavier than you? Sacrifice other parts of your body? Got 30 seconds to think. . . Ok, times up - no you go for the gun to slow him down, but he's on drugs and doesn't slow down. You can live your life trying to say this cop is dung, that he was wrong, that he shouldn't have done such and so. But if you are honest and really think it through you'f shoot the gun too, so you can go home to your wife and kids and not end up on a slab in the coronor's office. Have a nice day.
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