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A Shameful Day for President Obama

grich903 Wrote: Apr 19, 2013 11:44 AM
Where is his fabled 'grief' over all the children gunned down in Chicago? is it that they are minorities, so the 'grief' he leels is less than Sandy Hook? No, this is not letting a good tragedy go to waste. He tried to make the case that the gun kiled, but 96% of Americans are unwillling to be manipulated by this sham of an official. If he had shown such grief over Chicago, which has been Democrat controled for decades, we might buy his grief. But he didn't care about them, this is a sham grief to manipulate the generally uninformed publc.. I don't buy it, he's just mad he didn't get his own way and didn't get to take away our right to protect ourselves against evil in mankind and evil in government.
I wonder why President Obama feels he has the right to be outraged when legislators don't automatically roll over to his policy demands. I suspect that his moral indignation is more about personally losing than it is about policy issues themselves.

For indeed, President Obama was obviously furious when his gun control bill failed to muster sufficient votes to pass the Senate. Politico reported, "More than anything, it was an emotional blow to Obama, who was as irritated at the four members of his own party as he was at the 90 percent of Republicans who defeated the bill."

Politico revealed...