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The Pope Strikes a Blow for San Francisco

grich Wrote: Aug 01, 2012 12:08 PM
"Disgusting, homophobic bigotry...." You resort to demonizing and marginalizing those who disagree with you based on religious belief. Man's definitions will never supplant what the Word of God has deemed good, righteous and holy in terms of man and one woman. But I suppose that is why the LGBT's agenda wants to hijack the word "marriage" rather than settle for civil unions. Legislating "gay marriage" will allow the next step of entering into sanctuarys to accuse preaching of homosexuality as sin as a "hate crime." Shrewd as a serpent. The real fight is against God. No amount of twisting arms in govt. and interpretation of scripture will prevail in that fight.

To find the heart of San Francisco, you need to head south of Market Street, not to the Castro District teeming with people who very publicly define themselves by the perverse acts in which they engage, but to the Mission District.

Here is where the most beautiful of American cities was founded -- not by 49ers, beatniks, hippies or homosexuals, but by devout and dedicated Spanish Franciscans who crossed half the world to bring their faith to a new land.

Mission Dolores is not just the heart of San Francisco, she symbolizes its soul. The Franciscans founded the mission...