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Well...maybe he can "evolve" some better positions by the next one.
All of the liberals I know are smart people. And all of them think conservatives are mean, selfish, old-fashioned, and closed-minded, because that's what the liberal media tells them. They are all atheists as well, and consider themselves to be enlightened, modern, and scientific. They do not realize that the things they say sound as ridiculous to me as the things I say sound to them. It's all in the attitude. They made up their mind first that God can't possibly exist, therefore morals are whatever we decide they are. They take the easy way out of everything (yes, you don't have to work, yes, you don't have to be punished with a baby, even though you already made your "choice") so they can be the "nice" ones.
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Phony in Chief

Gretchen801 Wrote: Oct 09, 2012 9:06 AM
This is what worries me. My liberal friends shut out the truth. They HATE Romney, and continuously post liberal propaganda that anyone can see is obviously preposterous. There is no getting through to them. They think they're the "nice" ones because they say "yes" to everything. Then when it doesn't work, they blame the meanies who told them it wouldn't. They are smart people; it's not an intelligence thing. It's an attitude thing. Some of them buy into the lie that if one person succeeds, it has to be at the expense of another, so the class warfare resonates with them. Some of them just feel guilty for being middle-class. And some see nothing but social issues; they take survival for granted.
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