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Rand Paul: GOP Must "Evolve"

Gregory86 Wrote: Jan 21, 2013 11:59 AM
I've been saying this for years. I only vote the GOP because the Dems have completely fallen off the wagon & have become, for all practical purposes, the Socialist Party of the US. Why a somewhat more Libertarian on social issues GOP coupled with real fiscal conservatism (not the East Coast "Nieman Marxism" type) wouldn't sell is beyond me. Not to mention----it would work a he// of a lot better than what were doing now., both in getting elected & governing.
Rising GOP star Rand Paul made some surprising comments about his own party in an interview on Sunday, acknowledging the GOP's recent public image struggles and the need for a kind of evolution.

Speaking to a New York City radio station, Paul said "we are not popular" while pointedly noting the party's struggles in New England and on the west coast.

"We think the Republican Party needs to evolve and adapt, or we are going to become a permanent minority party... we think a little more of a libertarian Republican, someone who is a strict...