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All CCN did was make official what we already knew---human interest & sensationalism is their stock & trade.
If giving money to people who aren't working creates jobs........doesn't taking money from people (thru taxation) who are working destroy them?
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Too Big to Pop

Gregory86 Wrote: Jan 07, 2014 8:44 PM
But the Austrians were correct--& I deliberately used past tense. The only entities on earth that were capable of bailing out the banks & their "funny money assets"---worthless mortgage backed securities brought about by insane government housing policy----were the major western economies--mainly the US, Britain & Germany. Government was the only thing left that could afford it. All we did was trade rotten private debt & turn it into rotten public debt. As the next super cycle forms we see many of the same symptoms & the same mistakes all over again. Except next time, as the saying has gone, there will be no one left to bail us out. That's when the jig will be up for all of us. For an excellent description of the process when it actually does happen, read Mark Styen's book "The End of America". Sobering (yet surprisingly funny) reading.
It ain't the high cost of's the high livin that costs.
That line about the power to enforce a law includes the implicit authority not to enforce it sounds uncomfortably like "we had to burn the village in order to save it" logic.
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Michael Moore: Obamacare is Awful

Gregory86 Wrote: Jan 02, 2014 9:49 AM
I couldn't agree with DSMike more...I'm not going to take issue with your point but the fact is there's way to many Republicans that benefit & game the system almost as brazenly as the Democrats. I heard Ron Paul once quip that we do have a choice, Vote Democrats & get left wing socialism--or vote GOP & get...right wing socialism. Look at much of the Bush 1 & Bush 2 hikes, federalizing education, Medicare D...who needs liberals? Frankly, that's much of the impetus behind the Tea Party movement.
"All" maybe overstating this---but for the most part, the major insurers did sign on to O'Care.
Ha ha! reaction exactly. Doing the jobs that left wingers can't draw an audience!
NPR is full of PC wooden Indians. Good Lord, how long has Cokie Roberts, James Fallows, Tavis Smiley & Diane Rheem drawn a check backed by the US taxpayer? "Public Radio"......?......more like a private media fiefdom for the left at taxpayer expense.. You'd think they would at least accidentally trip over a conservative once in awhile when covering politics.
It isn't like the libs they cite as moving to TV were successful at radio either.
Pull up the flowers & water the weeds...........that's California.
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