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Yep, they come directly from the Bagdad school for press secretaries where Bagdad Bob is the Dean of students. They learned from the best.
Peter King, your the one in the bubble, it just hasn't burst yet. And you'll be the last to know. Pride has way making one clueless.
Sorry to burst your bubble Bob but you are a Hypocrite of the worst kind.
We need hundreds and thousands of these law suits against this administration so we the people can chip away at the Obama monument until it is powder, just like they have been grinding us down from every direction.A godless king will not stand forever. Obama is already showing signs of king Nebuchadnezzar when he lost his mind. People don't turn their hearts toward God when things are fine in their world. No matter what the cost stand for Truth. Thank you Little Sisters of the Poor.
If Trayvon was alive maybe he could stand next to coach Belicheck in matching hoodies. Or he could be President, this one managed to hoodwink the country without posting any credentials.
I'm a retired NYS Trooper and worked under his father Mario the Pious and he won carrying only 7 of the 62 counties in NY but they were enough cause they are all in the NY city region.
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Correction: Abortion Lawsuit-NC story

Gregory146 Wrote: Jan 17, 2014 7:18 PM
Judge Eagles, you too have made a judgement based upon ideology. In no way can you claim a higher road when you leave out every avenue possible for the choice of life. For your decision, you too will answer to a Judge and there will be no escape hatch. God have mercy on your soul cause you know not what you have done or do you? Only you can answer that.Maybe they are out there but of the several women I have known who have had 1 or more abortions none of them are mentally scar-less cause they eventually know it was a life.Sorry but I can not say God bless America for this blatant sin we allow to continue. God have mercy on us.
It was painful but I listened on the radio because they interrupted Rush. He is clearly unhinged and lashing out at all of us because we are not falling in line like he expects. They have always been dangerous but now they are showing their horns.
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