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Why did we go get this guy? Maybe Buraq needs a new Secretary of State. I hear Lurch Kerry might be packing it in.
it's because the email telling our military planners where Ahboomboom Killahlchristians was was mistakenly sent to an IRS PC, and subsequently lost.
I still wonder....who the PHUCQUE are those 35.7 who approve of Buraq al bin Hussein OWEbama? Is there ANYTHING he can do to merit disapproval? Seriously, when you combine the unbelievable horsefeces about the IRS and the disappearing emails with the recent prisoner exchange, where one military deserter was traded for the Taliban Hall of Fame, I don't see how any sane person can approve of his performance. 35.7 approve of OWEbama while 16% approve of Congress?????? The talking MSM loons will say it's because Congress will not roll over for Buraq. I suspect that it is because Congress will not hang Buraq by his jihadi testicles, from the top of Independance Hall.
And who is going to initiate this prosecution, Dr. Z? The Republicans in the House? HAH!! These are the people that gave the perps in the IRS a YEAR to produce these emails. Try that on your next audit. Nice thought, but save yourself some anguish. Ain't gonna happen. What will happen is that the Republican congressional leadership will keep sucking up to the media lapdogs of the Democunists so that they can keep getting their faces on TV. This helps to keep the rate for speaking fees, or their salaries and perks as lobbyists up, after they leave Congress. Yesterday, I read an article stating that American approval rate for Congress is at 16%. The media will tell you that it's because they won't roll over for OWEbama. I think it's because Congress won't hang Baraq al bin Hussein Obama by his nuggets from the top of Independence Hall.
Odumba$$ will trade this guy for a used basketball signed by Lebron James.
Who suggested we'd win it? Not I!
"laser focused.......(on his 8 iron)" Phucquing idiot! Wake me up on Jan 20, 2017 please, if there still exists a world without a nuclear war.
Primary challenges seem to work in the House, but not the Senate. Perhaps because most Senators have HUGE campaign war chests. Grahamnesty won, (and I had such confidence in the people of SC), so did Cornyn (I wonder what he thinks of the Junior Senator from Texas...the GOOD one) and McConnell (who also represents a state where the good Senator is the junior one). I'll celebrate when these cardboard cutout Lib Lite roundheels get tossed. (for those who found themselves on this site while away from watching "American Idle.....mis-spelled on purpose, BTW....The junior Senator from TX is Ted Cruz, and the junior Senator from KY is Rand Paul)
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One Nation Is Still Possible

Gregory142 Wrote: Jun 04, 2014 10:31 AM
I'm reading "One Nation..." right now. Barely started. The end of ch. 2 suggests that to help understand the perspective and reasoning behind our political opponents that we read Saul Alinksy's "Rules for Radicals." At first, I bristled at the suggestion, thinking that was akin to willingly watching MSNBC for news. However, it really does make sense. I'm on this forum a lot, often angrily replying to the libtrolls, perpetuating the vitriol that is pretty common in our country today. I think Dr. Carson is right on the mark. This won't get anywhere at all. We need to understand their perspective to have any possibility of affecting their thoughts and opinions, then working toward solutions. I'm going to put a higher priority on reading the rest of Dr. Carson's book now.
Before Barry is seated in Jan of 2017 for his lifetime appointment of what used to be the US Presidency, there will be a lot of dead American citizens, as a result of releasing this Taliban Hall of Fame. Many of those victims, ironically, helped put him in the White House. They simply will not get it, until they see Americans, hands tied and kneeling in front of a scimitar, about to get their heads lopped off. The first will likely be those that voted against Obama. You know, the ones currently being audited by the IRS. Then will come the Christians. Next, those in right to work states that choose not to join a labor union. Lois and her ilk are under the false impression that they will be protected. History teaches otherwise.
I love the cartoon on this page... Barry Obozo: "I don't negotiate with terrorists...I give them anything they want." It's not funny. It's scary, and 100% accurate.
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