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Here's a few more "qualified and electable" at the Senate level: C. Christ-FL A. Spector-PA L. Graham-SC J. McCain-AZ (two lists....winnahhhhhh!!!) T. Cochran-MS I'm SICK of "qualified and electable."
and if he does manage to get the nom, that will be the first thing the pinheads who elected Bur'aq will scream "NO EXPERIENCE!" How's that for irony?
"Qualified and electable"........ C. Christie J. Bush J. McCain M. Romney NFW!! "Qualified and Electable" puts our Constitution, our sovereignty, our states rights, our economy, and our national security, in peril just like Bur'aq, Hillary, Pelosi, Reid et all do....just a little bit more slowly.
RACIST!! (I heard it a million times. Why not you?)
Phil is from LA. They don't use sarcasm in the goldbrick state.
WJF, the GOP has as much disdain for the Tea Party as the Democunists do. Maybe even more.
(I didn't mean to flag. I hit the wrong button) Screw the party. This is the party that backed Charlie Christ and Arlen Spector before those two roundheels changed parties. Whatcha' think Cochran is gonna do? The Dems won his Republican nomination for him. This is also the party of John McCain, who minutes after one of the few remaining lonely voices trying to preserve our Constitution (Ted Cruz) ended his filibuster, went to the Senate floor to blast him. Why the hell do I have to stand for the party, when millionaires Christ, Spector, and McCain won't stand up for their own members? WJF, replying to Dyadd in the previous post is going to have an aneurysm over this, but he just doesn't get it. He calls us "Progressive enablers." WJF, we are the few that want to see our Constitution preserved. This takes a higher priority than the Liberal Lite GOP party keeping a majority over the Communist Dems.
Meet OWEbama's new Secretary of Defense, Bowe Bergdahl.
Dunno, but he is without a doubt the most anti American prediposer ever
see my post at 11:25.
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