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Beats the Sheite out of what we have on our southern border, doesn't it, sage? Maybe John McCain was in Saudi recently, and said to the Minister of Defence, "just build the danged wall." Oh, wait. Nah, couldn't be. He wasn't trying to get elected in Saudi Arizona.
Before Jan. 19, 2017, Paul Blart the Mall Cop will have one, too. After all, a guy was seen recently wearing a Gadsden flag shirt at Mid Rivers Mall near St. Louis recently. We must be prepared. It wasn't me, Mr, Holder. I know you're monitoring this. Tell your pals at the DHS it wasn't me. I was wearing an "I LOVE BARACK OBAMA" shirt. I just sent $1000 to Claire McCaskill, too. Yep, I sure did. After that, I renounced heterosexuality and started looking for a boyfriend. Leave me alone, OK. I'm liquidating me 401K into cash and am gonna throw it out the window in Ferguson after I write this, OK. They need it, not me.
Let Bur'aq stay at the country club. Al Sharpton is already here. We don't need any more opportunistic race-baiting hucksters in town.
Phucquehamas and those in our gov't that support it.
Wouldn't it be awful if America was not a racist nation? Al Sharpton and Jesse JACKsssssssonnnnnn would starve. Love to share this story...I was at a Starbucks in O'Hare when I heard a commotion right behind me. Jackson was in line behind me, getting pix taken and letting everyone tell him how wonderful he is. I worked at O'Hare at the time, and ordered my usual $2.12 doppio espresso. I usually leave the pocket chance for the barista, but on this day told him to keep the change from my $10. The guy at the register asked what he occasion was, so I loudly said, "I FIGURED YOU COULD USE IT TODAY. THE GUY BEHIND ME PROBABLY WON'T LEAVE YOU A NICKEL AND HE IS WORTH MILLIONS." JJ Dynomite heard me. Best tasting $10 coffee I've ever had.
Read the Constitution much ejacobson? (this is as much of a reply as you trolls will ever get from me, so don't try to entice me further)
Bur'aq OWEbama compromise: "Look! You folks in the Republican party do exactly as I say, and I will only blast you half as much publicly."
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