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Our citizens voted for him in 2012.
How is the Speaker nominated anyway? Who the hell chose Boehner? Is this like a labor union, whoever has the most time gets it? If Trey Gowdy of SC was the Speaker, heads would roll.
Piers Morgan just reported that Hribal picked up an AR-15 "assault rifle" rifle at a sporting goods store last week. Due to the evil nature of the firearm, it immediately imposed its will upon the young man, inducing an uncontrollable blood lust. Since he was unable to purchase the gun, he grabbed the biggest knives he could find in the kitchen for his rampage.
"cheered.....chased down and shot Trayvon...?" You can't be that stupid and impressionable and be a doctor. Maybe if you got away from MSNBC on occasion you might have a bit of insight as to what happened in that case. A jury heard it and Zimmerman was acquitted. Look Doc, I'm not fixated on that case, Not in the least. I wish it was never in the news because it was NOT news. Your comments about it simply expose you as libtard fraud you are, posing as someone who gives a damn about overthrowing the prog statists in DC.
Seriously, does any of this shock us anymore? We are now a larger version of the third world dictatorships we used to laugh at when we were younger.
at least that's what Chrissy Matthews said about this report.
I always knew the military was inherently racist.
Sure you will...Chrissy Matthews, Candybar Crowley, Diane Sawyer, ANYONE on the staff of MSNBC, and about 60% of the union goons that I work with.
The digital age sux, dunnit Dingy Harry? Know what else sux? Even your aloof and obtuse supporters are now starting to realize what you dumped on them, and exempted yourself from. The ACA act (OWEbamacare) is now being called the IWA, or Inevitable Wakeup Act. That's when even stupid people are forced to realize what you brilliant central planners have in store for all of us. They don't like it, dummy.
There's not enough difference between Bill Maher and a slobbering idiot. That's why I don't watch him and could only last through 2:25 of this post.
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