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Before Jan. 19, 2017, Paul Blart the Mall Cop will have one, too. After all, a guy was seen recently wearing a Gadsden flag shirt at Mid Rivers Mall near St. Louis recently. We must be prepared. It wasn't me, Mr, Holder. I know you're monitoring this. Tell your pals at the DHS it wasn't me. I was wearing an "I LOVE BARACK OBAMA" shirt. I just sent $1000 to Claire McCaskill, too. Yep, I sure did. After that, I renounced heterosexuality and started looking for a boyfriend. Leave me alone, OK. I'm liquidating me 401K into cash and am gonna throw it out the window in Ferguson after I write this, OK. They need it, not me.
Let Bur'aq stay at the country club. Al Sharpton is already here. We don't need any more opportunistic race-baiting hucksters in town.
Phucquehamas and those in our gov't that support it.
Wouldn't it be awful if America was not a racist nation? Al Sharpton and Jesse JACKsssssssonnnnnn would starve. Love to share this story...I was at a Starbucks in O'Hare when I heard a commotion right behind me. Jackson was in line behind me, getting pix taken and letting everyone tell him how wonderful he is. I worked at O'Hare at the time, and ordered my usual $2.12 doppio espresso. I usually leave the pocket chance for the barista, but on this day told him to keep the change from my $10. The guy at the register asked what he occasion was, so I loudly said, "I FIGURED YOU COULD USE IT TODAY. THE GUY BEHIND ME PROBABLY WON'T LEAVE YOU A NICKEL AND HE IS WORTH MILLIONS." JJ Dynomite heard me. Best tasting $10 coffee I've ever had.
Read the Constitution much ejacobson? (this is as much of a reply as you trolls will ever get from me, so don't try to entice me further)
Bur'aq OWEbama compromise: "Look! You folks in the Republican party do exactly as I say, and I will only blast you half as much publicly."
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Debt-Free Disciple

Gregory142 Wrote: Aug 05, 2014 11:10 AM
Silent Cal. The few words he used were powerful. Can we find someone like him in Nov. of 2016?
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