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Dung is something you flush, not something you buy.
Fine, but why the lie about the video? Something else was going on there and it needs to be brought to the light of day.
Fly them back to where ever in a C-130. During the flight the cargo ramp will drop and some cargo will be lost before the flight crew can get it back in position.
Patty Murray. The face of 55 million dead human beings since Roe.
The lowest IQ on the Court, (I'm not sure if it's Kagen or Sotomayor), is 10 times that of Udall and Murray combined. They should be retired.....Quickly.
Let’s make Nevada a, “free drug zone”. Any and all who want to buy sell or use drugs are free to live there without fear of arrest or prosecution. Anyone caught outside of Nevada with even the smallest amount gets 20 years for the first offence and execution for the second. We’ll need to provide a corridor from Mexico through Arizona but make it 10 miles wide through the roughest part of the desert. That will allow the scum who, “need”, their drugs a place to exist and leave the rest of us alone. If that works convert New York State for the East coast. OK. Sarcasm off. My point here is the market for drugs is the driving force in this economy. Closing the border will help drive the price up, but little else.
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When Government Tries to Be Nice

Grego45 Wrote: Jul 09, 2014 9:49 AM
The Uselessness in the White House has no business spending time to raise political funds. Those funds should be confiscated and spent getting rid of...er..flying all these, "children", back to whatever hole they came out of. If this isn't, "high crimes", it qualifies as, "misdemeanors".
LOL. I like it. There is some logic in there somewhere.
Quick fix, remove subsidies from all who are not citizens. Next, do not allow citizens who receive subsidies to vote.
And the Dems who didn't allocate the money to build the fence. There's always two sides to the story, David296 the Cheap Shot Artist.
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