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Are you seriously trying to say Republicans MADE owebama fail?
I'd be willing to make that a part of reparations. Save us a ton.
Lincoln had the right idea but should've gave them a ride home
What's the matter thump? You boys still mad we bought up half your state? Or is it that we grow men instead of john denvers?
Perhaps a bit more qualified than a swing state. Just a good natured neighborly dig thump
Isn't that Elizabeth Warren's cookbook?
Comprehension isn't a strong point for ya huh
To be fair I didn't hear any of them say they were trying to change the constitution and do away with representation of the people. Jus tryin to make sense.
Neither term fits anymore. A few hundred, a few thousand, perhaps even a few hundred thousand. 25 to 30 MILLION is an invading force and should be treated as such. La Raza is very open about their intent to take back parts of the US they believe were wrongfully taken. The longer we allow them to think this is possible the more of them we'll have to kill in the end.
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Vice President: Marco Rubio?

Greg Thomson Wrote: May 12, 2012 7:34 PM
Yeah Bolton would be great IF all he did was stroll in and announce, we're outa here folks and so are y'all. Find yourself another place to plot your silly agendas.
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