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It's really pretty shallow for Karl Rove to criticize for not staying in her term of office. She has fully explained that she could not do her job with all the law suits being brought against her frivolously. Karl Rove appears not to accept that reason. It is interesting to note that Karl Rove never seems to criticize Sarah Palin on her political beliefs or challenges her on her principles. After all, when Sarah Palan says she is for the 2nd amendment, how can he respond to that, being a conservative himself? Instead, he seems to be quick to criticize her for everything EXCEPT her conservative values.
Why should ANYONE believe ANYTHING this man says? After all, here is the guy who said: "A republican never lived who made an honest living. " That, to me, gives him ZERO credibility. There is an old saying: If it looks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, if it walks like a duck, then it must be a liberal....
I fail to understand. On the one hand you say: "An $80 million cash-on-hand lead at the end of April was down to $45 million at the end of May, according to new Federal Election Commission filings." Yet on the other hand you say: "Fighting to keep his job, President Obama spent more money than he raised in May, and ended the month with $109.7 million in cash reserves — a more than 6-to-1 advantage over his Republican rival Mitt Romney, federal reports filed Wednesday show." Well, which is it? $45 million or $109.7 million?
Ignore him. Don't watch the video, which I won't. When liberals are not given a venue to talk, no one listens. ANYTHING this liberal has to say is not worth listening to. His words fall on deaf ears. Nobody in America cares what he says. He is, therefore, an effectively marginalized liberal.
I do not believe ANYTHING Obama, Biden, democrats or liberals say. Not a single word. When things go bad for the country, when liberals are in denial of facts, when democrats live in an alternative reality, why should I believe them? Every time liberals open their mouth, they never face the truth. No credibility whatsoever. But, then, again, my opinion is "evolving."
I'll take exception to this ad even though I am an avid conservative. Arianna Huffington was not speaking about Obama taking credit for "spiking the football." Anyone who watched her in her interview would have hear her say that it was ok for Obama to take credit for killing OBL, but it was despicable for Obama to say that Mitt Romney might not have killed OBL. They are really taking her out of context and making it look like she said despicable because Obama wanted to take credit for kill OBL when that is really not what she said. It's this type of ad that is a half truth. She said it, of course, but not in the context that the ad portrays her saying it.
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