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The NRA is Winning the Battle

greg99 Wrote: Feb 03, 2013 6:58 AM
By theway, Heather, even though I'm a lifetime member of the NRA AND a U.S.Army Infantry veteran, give credit where credit is due! Freedom-loving Americans spoke for themselves in the gun debate! Go to a gun store OR a gun show and see Americans speaking their minds. The places are doing a phenomenal business. Gun prices and ammo prices are going up because the customers are cleaning out the supplies of Diane Frankenstein's idea of an "assault" weapon. Try buying an M-16 style weapon or some .223 ammunition to load into it, and you'll see what I mean! Americans are arming themselves to spite the anti-constitutionalist idiots like Obama and Diane Frankenstein. Visit your local gun store and witness it for yourself.

In the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting we all knew that an impending gun debate would be a hard fought battle. Just after this week’s hearing on Capitol Hill, a new Forbes study finds that the NRA is winning the influence battle over gun control. In the new study performed by Forbes Insights, an independent and unbiased organization, they found that the “NRA and the pro-gun rights voices are winning the influence battle and will continue to be strong and more influential if the pro gun control voice remains fragmented”.

The data was compiled from...