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This woman is one of the reasons I will never visit CA. I do not buy anything made or shipped in CA. I changed my life Insurance and Home Mortgage holder because they were based in CA. As long as she remains in Congress I will NOT knowingly contribute to the economy of CA. (Sorry to all of you good conservative republicans who are stuck in CA and must live there).
This guy is my Senator, heck, I feel he has abandon my State of Arizona and now represents the Government of Mexico. He has no credibility. Please retire early Mr. McCain. Move to Mexico.
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Another Benchmark Fail in Obama Revolution

Greg66 Wrote: Apr 11, 2014 5:43 AM
Freedom of choice is a right. It was denied to us when for the first time in history The US Government forced it's citizens to purchase a product they may or may not have wanted. It is called the Affordable Care Act. I call it a blatant attempt to control how we live our lives.
Some 300,000 republicans did not vote in 2012. That would have been enough to beat Obama. Protest votes like those to third candidates and staying away in disgust HURT this time. Sure, maybe Romney wasn't the best available Republican, but, you cannot deny after more than 5 years of Obama, He would have been WAY better.
Can you name one that is still an open case that has not been answered? I cannot seem to find any such cases simply "googling" various wordings about unsolved embassy attack resulting in the death of Americans or and Ambassador. Thanks.
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Chris Noth: Another 'Brain Dead' Actor

Greg66 Wrote: Oct 24, 2013 11:51 AM
The Executives that run our entertainment and print media are mostly children of the sixties and seventies. The " Peace and Love" hippie generation. They are also in charge of teaching our kids in college. There people could not advance their agenda as youths, but, now, as "adults" they hold positions of power where they can influence millions of their liberal ideology. The education system in this county dumbs down our youth to prepare them for the acceptance of the views espoused by the MSM and the hollywooder's. As more parents elect to send the kids to charter schools and home school, these kids will grow up as mostly conservative thinkers, and THEY will one day control those posistions now held by left leaning idiots. I believe this is cyclic to some extent, we just have to be didligent that we do not have another "Peace and Love" generation to take over again in a few generations.
He works as a part time day care employee. He USED to work for an Obama action PAC and heavily campaigned for Obama.
There are NO government employees not being paid for working. Most government workers are just starting a pay period and would not be receiving a check for another 10 days or so anyway. That being said. NEVER in history has ANY government employee weather furloughed or working through a shutdown EVER not received full back pay and benefits once the government if funded again and "re-starts". The new approved budget ALWAYS allows for those workers to be compensated even though most of them were not at work.
Where did EW comment on Shaq's race? You are so sensitivity skewed that I bet you say "ouch" when some one simply POINTS a stick pin at you. I do not Knowingly buy products from any company that uses a sports or Hollywood figure to promote it. Think of how cheap that item would be without the endorsement paid to the spokesperson?
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The Blame Righty Mob Falls Silent

Greg66 Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 8:56 AM
As I ask of anyone who accuses anyone else of what is in your first sentence here, Can you prove these charges? Give facts, give quotes and rebuttal. I you can't, you are just portraying yourself as a classic idiot.
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