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The Malicious Mangling of the Virgin Mary

Greg313 Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 10:51 AM opposed to the fairy tale of evolution? You believe in something that has never been proved (where are all the transitional fossils? Surely we'd have more than a few teeth and unattached bones that have to be artistically joined together to make a few "skeletons"). How about plant evolution? That had to happen to, you know... why can't we "cross-breed" plants without extravagant scientific methods? And why can't science replicate organic life spontaneously springing from inorganic chemicals? How about a universe that was nothing that suddenly decided to explode into the perfect order we now have? You DO know that mathematically, it's impossible that we can even EXIST here if we believe your story, right?
ericynot Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 11:13 AM
I, however, am content in the certainty that there is much I will probably never know.
ericynot Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 11:12 AM

I'm not qualified to argue evolution, so I won't. I'm also not, BTW, saying there's no higher force. Clearly we live in a universe of matter and organizing principles that control how that matter interacts. Yes, for lack of a better word, there is a god. Or a life force. Or however you wish to express it.

I'm not an atheist. I'm agnostic. That simply means I know full well that I don't know the origin of the universe, or what happens when we die, or even how to make a good pecan pie. I'm also convinced that no one else I've ever met or read about is any more knowledgeable about that stuff (with the exception of the pie) than I am. Many people want certainty in their lives, so they seek religion.....
A Christian can be crushed gazing at the picture of Mary standing at the foot of the cross, watching her beloved son suffocate and die. But in that vision, she stands there for hours, patiently enduring her suffering. For two millennia, she has been a role model for Christians, a woman who practiced obedience in the most difficult of human circumstances, with fervent hope for what this sacrifice will offer all mankind as it struggles with sin.

This is why it seems so hard to reflect that vision of patience when black-hearted "artists" practice character assassination on the Blessed Virgin...