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Why Government and Health Insurers Should Back Off

Greg3105 Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 2:44 PM
Of course if everyone had to pay for healthcare themselves health care costs would drop dramatically. Third party insurance and government involvement are largely responsible for current situation. Since Medicare was invented in 1966, healthcare has become big business, healthcare costs have risen astronomically, doctors have gotten rich, and charity hospitals have been driven out of business.
My previous piece on health care reforms presented a variety of ways by which doctors and individual consumers might affect positive change in our health care system. Now we must consider the opportunities for insurers and government to play their parts.

The most important (and biggest) change of all must come from insurers. Medical insurers need to move back to the model of other insurance agencies. You don’t pay a copay to your car insurance company when you get an oil change, and you don’t expect your homeowner’s insurance to cover your new ceiling paint, so why do you...