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I thought the guy who just got ousted was democratically elected? Are we sure his 'ouster' was the 'voice of the people'? Are all insurrections the key to a better world? I've read in many places that those who are now in power in the Ukraine are neo-Nazi ultra-nationalists . . . are they the key to a brighter future? Also, does everyone really think Putin lacks the resolve to fight a war with anyone who wanted to take him on? How easy does everyone think it would be to beat Russia? Would it take as long (3 weeks) as everyone 'knew' it would take to beat the other side into submission in 1914? Does everyone really think it's not possible to have a WW3, and, if so, why is it not possible? There is a lot of history and some very complicated rivalries in play here ... 1) Why do "we" think we can solve them? 2) Why do we think we have sovereignty over these other nations? 3) Do we care about the possible deaths of untold numbers of people if we successfully provoke a war?
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Big Brother vs. Little Sisters

Greg3008 Wrote: Feb 28, 2014 5:20 PM
"The administration insists on coercing full compliance with the Obamacare mandates, even when 99.9 percent compliance would fully serve its purposes." Ah, but that's just it . . . the purpose here is to break the will of each individual American and to create a totally servile populace.
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Stop Being Stupid!

Greg3008 Wrote: Feb 27, 2014 5:38 PM
After reading the comments here, it seems like all really is lost. The old metaphor of 'herding cats' (in this case, angry ones) comes to mind. It's amazing that, even with the bottom falling out of the polls for Obama and the Democrats, the people who are often still the least liked are those who are on 'our side.' And here the notion of 'snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory' seems apropos. Maybe each of us should just form our own individual political party to ensure ideological purity. :-)
NIcely stated!
(continued from below) The currents of deception and manipulation, and the disingenuous and inflammatory messages run so deep in our culture as to have become virtually impossible to dissect or coherently discuss. It's all about people, whom I increasingly suspect stand for little in the way of principle, 'creating buzz' and ‘spinning’ everything so as to whip up the masses into an angry froth. Actually, this is a skill at which many on both sides of the issues are amazingly adept. In contemplating the way we're all being perpetually played, I increasingly think of the line from the 1983 movie, War Games: "The only winning move is not to play." Yet, not to play and to completely bow out of the culture is to tacitly cede control to other, not at all benign forces. Regardless, it doesn’t seem as though the so-called ‘culture wars’ can possibly end well. This all makes me think of that oft-quoted (though utterly fabricated) line from the Vietnam War, “We had to destroy the village in order to save it” – but it will indeed be our country and our culture that are ultimately destroyed.
Excellent ... a very interesting and thought-provoking column that describes the numerous levels of manipulation I sensed in this ad, but I could never so fully and artfully articulate exactly what it was that I didn’t like. As the writer notes, this ad isn’t ultimately isn't even a counterpoint to a specific point of view that those in the mainstream culture would find ‘objectionable’ – though clearly its intent was to inflame. It creates a sense of spectacle and ostensibly seeks to articulate some sort of a ‘message’ that was designed to ensure transgressing a readily identifiable group’s way of thinking, but in such a way as to represent no one in particular – though all done with an innocently dumbfounded face that would no doubt insist it was just trying to create something heartwarming that would bring people together. It truly does give the appearance of intending to be bright, uplifting, and beautiful, yet it was done in a way that was sure to make a political statement that would elicit inarticulate ham-fisted responses from those who knew they were being attacked – but who didn’t understand that they were really just being played. On a related note, I have wondered many times how much of the ‘Duck Dynasty debacle’ was similarly manufactured, designed and executed to ensure that different groups of mostly well-meaning people would soon be arguing angrily past one another – another contrived controversy designed to capitalize on Americans who were divided into warring camps – as well as to distract us from the substantive (and not only symbolic) issues that threaten both our country and its culture. There are a huge number of people on both sides of the cultural divide who would get along just fine if everyone would just, as my grandfather used to say, “Leave each other alone!!” (Perhaps this could *rightly* be characterized as ‘tolerance...’) Unfortunately, however, those who angrily demand tolerance are the very ones who are working so hard to incite hostility, creating and then fanning flames of anger – even hatred – between camps of people, most of whom would mean one another no harm, even those with whom they naturally disagreed. The currents of deception and manipulation, and the disingenuous and inflammatory messages run so deep in our culture as to have become virtually impossible to dissect or coherently discuss. It's all about people, whom I increasingly suspect stand for little in the way of principle, 'creating buzz' and ‘spin
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Republicans See the Light on Immigration

Greg3008 Wrote: Feb 06, 2014 8:06 PM
He's right ... we'll never get everyone to obey the law, so let's just forget about all that stuff. Now if everyone can just appease the Tea Party (who will never agree with the above), we'll get us a really good country again! I'm sure of it.
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Will Jeb Bush Run in 2016?

Greg3008 Wrote: Jan 30, 2014 4:50 PM
Regardless of whether GWB's ratings were deserved or what your political ideology is, does anyone really think the brother of the most hated president of modern times represents a smart move??
She's "learning" about how to learn language accurately and honestly ... First, that would be a good skill to have mastered LONG before running to be governor of a state. Second, I think a person who graduated from Harvard Law School is actually already VERY good at and very careful about selecting her words. So, she's either not that smart or she's dishonest. I really don't think the problem is a lack of ability to form simple sentences - I think she's 'disingenuous' and a 'prevaricator' (those are the accepted words we're supposed to use when we're saying someone's lying). :-)
Poor Maria . . . she suffers so! Would that I could experience the level of loss and oppression as has been her lot in life - though I never would have to go through that, as hers is based on her being a female. Happily, she WAS able to enlist the aid of one of society's acknowledged true intellectual heavyweights as she attacked this serious problem - fellow Oppressed Woman, Beyonce! :-)
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