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The Next Union Showdown: Teachers vs...Rahm Emanuel?

Greg2653 Wrote: Jun 07, 2012 6:53 PM
So let me see if I understand your pretzel logic here South Side...what you are saying is that you are justified in taking my tax dollars so that you can have a job that pays you more than I earn, all so you can spend your money (which used to be mine) on a house like mine in my neighborhood which I can barely afford anymore because the taxes are so high, and so that you can use your money (which used to be mine) to patronage stores and buy stuff that I would buy but can't because you take my money. Is that what you are saying? If we cut public worker salaries, we will not Affect everyone who depends on your business, because those of us who will be able to keep more of our money (instead of giving it to you) will make up the difference.

First, there was Chris Christie. Then, Scott Walker. And now...Rahmbo.

Yes, Mayor of Chicago and President Obama's former chief of staff Rahm Emanuel is gearing up for a battle with the Chicago Teachers' Union, likely to come to a head this summer. And while he's Gov. Walker's political antithesis, Emanuel finds himself in the same sort of budgetary crisis as Walker's Wisconsin -- and staring at the very same solution: cutting costs in unionized areas of the public sector.

While he’s also working to implement cost cutting for firefighters and cops, Emanuel’s most prominent target is...