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Obama the Job-Killing Owl-Killer

Greg22 Wrote: Nov 28, 2012 3:19 PM
The enviro-whackos should be careful, after all they are interfering with lord Darwin's plan for life, natural selection based on the strength of the species. Lord Darwin might send down thunder to strike the interloper that shoots his superior owl species. Human interferance is also inconsistent with the greenie's belief that humans are just one of a number of species, no better, no worse. Who are we to favor one species over another? It's not like we were given Dominion over the world.
OscarL Wrote: Nov 28, 2012 5:20 PM
Yep, they also will not take their beliefs to there logical conclusion, if humans are just another animal then in their natural growth and expansion they displace or destroy other animals then they should just look at it as natural selection. Hell, shouldn't they be happy that it all is still working out so well.
Welcome to the pretzel logic of liberal environmental protection: In order to "save" owls, the Obama administration is going to shoot them dead.

This is not -- I repeat not -- an Onion parody.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, the White House released a big fat policy turkey: its final critical habitat rule for the endangered northern spotted owl. The Obama plan will lock up 9.6 million acres of land (mostly, but not all, federal) in Oregon, Washington and northern California. This is nearly double the acreage set aside by the Bush administration. Thousands of timber workers (along with untold thousands of related support...