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White House threatens to veto GOP business tax cut

Greg19 Wrote: Apr 18, 2012 3:26 PM
Wow blaming your shortcomings, a true American would put his nose to the grind stone and work harder and not scapegoat some lame politician. Oh well we can't all have true grit.

The White House threatened Tuesday to veto an effort by House Republicans to cut taxes for millions of smaller businesses, calling it an unproductive giveaway to many of the country's most profitable companies.

The warning was issued two days before the GOP-run House is expected to approve the legislation, which Republicans say would kindle job creation. Even without President Barack Obama in the way, passage was expected to be little more than an election-year political statement because the measure is all but sure to die in the Democratic-led Senate.

The veto threat came on the last day for taxpayers to send...