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But redefining the word marriage is OK to please a small group of rude bullies.
It's only going to get worse, but after the election.
The insurance companies write the healthcare laws including Obamacare. Do you really think it will be in your interest?
No matter how well intentioned the government destroys everything it touches, so lets put them in charge of defense like the Constitution says.
The current Deomcrat party is guilty of treason.
We put Japanese into concentration camps in WWII. Why can't we stop warriors swarn to destroy The West?
With open borders, as Hillary says, "What difference does it make?"
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You Can't Keep a Good Myth Down

Greg 161 Wrote: Oct 02, 2014 8:54 AM
Why should conservatives vote for the GOP when they treat us the same way Dems treat blacks?. (We will do as we please because you have no place else to go.) That is why there is a TEA Party. Washington insiders from both sides and the media hate us, so we must be doing something right. The elite oligarchs run both parties. It is very possible we will have a choice of Clinton VS Bush or Romney in 2016. How can the Washington cesspool be changed that way?
Sad but true.
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