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RINOs will no longer get my vote. I held my nose and voted for McCain. There is a real possibility that our choice for President in 2016 will be Hillary and Jeb. What a disaster that would be. The political elitist oligarch controlled system is failing the citizens.
Failed foreign policy hasn't hurt Obama and Hillary with voters.
Europe can't so anything because they get their energy from Russia.
Obama is an epic failure.
We don't need 2 big spending parties. We are done holding our noses and voting for RINOs.
Move the 2018 World Cup out of Russia.
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Puritanical Government

Greg 161 Wrote: Jun 26, 2013 10:29 AM
Politicians don't think being Puritanocal will get them voted out of office. Moral laws are for everyone else but me is the mindset of most voters. May have something to do with fund raising too.
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George Zimmerman's Excuse

Greg 161 Wrote: Jun 26, 2013 10:23 AM
You can't retreat when someone is on top of you, beating and slamming your head onto cement. This is simple self defense, not stand your ground. In states without stand your ground, you would be required to try to drive away if a drug crazed person jumped on your car. In Florida, among other states, you could legally shoot them if you felt threatened.
If they can, but you can only print so much money until somebody notices the emperor has no clothes.
Look at modern day Berlin, Nagasaki, and Detroit. Who won WW2?
Hang in there Kelly and get your story out. The Chicago machine is a relentless barrage of lies.
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