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Let’s Destroy Liberal Academia

Greg 161 Wrote: Mar 02, 2015 9:42 AM
Controlling education from pre-school to post college graduate is the left's indroctrination for it's goals. Progressive's could never get the control they have today, because with the light of day on their failed policies only fly due to the brainwashing of our youth.
You can't repay the debt to conservatives when you betrayed us on amnesty. You are dead to us.
I changed my voter registration from GOP to no party affiliation. I hope many others do so too, and the RINO's quit trying to impress liberals who won't vote for them anyway.
Another failure of an AG in the same mold as Holder.
Right, Ben Carson for President in 2016.
Sorry, Rubio lied on amnesty. He is dead to me. He should run against Nelson for the Sentate and let the GOP governor apoint his sucessor. Pam Bobdi?
The only legitimate grievances Islamist's have is against their own leadership. Jihad is a world takeover movement disguised as a religion. Ignore these terrorist's at the risk of Western Civilization.
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Beermakers Battle Over Tax Reform

Greg 161 Wrote: Feb 16, 2015 10:41 AM
The big brewers are all foreign owned. No breaks for them, but remember all business taxes are paid by their customers.
Playing America for votes. Obama is again found to be a bold faced liar again.
I have no doubt Mitt has the management skills this country needs and would make a better President than Obama. However he is owned by The Chamber of Commerce. He is too much of a gentleman to get into the fight The Chicago Machine will wage again. Ben Carson for President 2016.
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