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Bengazi was about political coverup, not involvement.
Impeachment is the cure for Obama's lawlessness, but the Senate Dems are in the left wing conspiracy with him.
Now the GOP is required to satisfy Dems Hispanic caucus? Secure the border now! Between the open borders liberals and The Chamber of Commerce, the taxpayer can't win.
Obama is a pathological liar and narcissist that hates America, but he says things with a smile on his face. He loves the poor so much, he keeps making more of them.
RINOs will no longer get my vote. I held my nose and voted for McCain. There is a real possibility that our choice for President in 2016 will be Hillary and Jeb. What a disaster that would be. The political elitist oligarch controlled system is failing the citizens.
Failed foreign policy hasn't hurt Obama and Hillary with voters.
Europe can't so anything because they get their energy from Russia.
Obama is an epic failure.
We don't need 2 big spending parties. We are done holding our noses and voting for RINOs.
Move the 2018 World Cup out of Russia.
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