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The Apostasy of World Vision

Greg1351 Wrote: Aug 04, 2014 12:16 AM
>>This is a betrayal of the gospel, Only if you have added homophobia to the gospel.
You hate some fake Obama you made up.
Obama has every right to do what he can, within his authority. It's called doing his job. You just make that oter stuff up.
Gay American pay taxes and have an equal right to tax-funded jobs. There is nothing dangerous about this
Who thinks this will turn out good for the Republicans? Honestly... do you? These GOP stunts always end up biting you guys in your collective hineys.
>>t he has absolutely no clue what to do or why it matters. While American conservatives were having a love-affair with Putin, Obama had the good sense and leadership to stand up to him. Now you guys are following Obama's lead... a day late and a dollar short, as usual.
There has been hundreds of miles of bordner fece build under Obama. More than another president, if I remember correctly. http://www.politifact.com/florida/statements/2013/jul/01/debbie-wasserman-schultz/more-border-security-and-patrols-under-obama-previ/
This strikes me as such an odd use of checks-and-balances. Why is one branch (legislative) using a different branch (judicial)? Why not legislate a solution? That's how the system is designed. Is it Boehner's tacit admission that his branch is broken?
Oops, I accidentally "flagged" this message when I meant to reply! Sorry! A more important question, in my mind, is this: Was your business made possible by government services that gay Americans helped pay for? Roads? Sewer? Currency? The legal system? Air travel? National security? Since gay Americans paid the taxes that made your business possible, you don't have the right to turn them away just for being gay.
>> we have now re-elected a president who hates this country. What has Obama ever done to justify such an outrageous claim?
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